– dangerous site promoting System Care Antivirus

There’s a danger in the site named You might think that the program promoted by it is worth considering as some security software for your system? If so, you’re seriously wrong. The point is that System Care Antivirus is a rogue anti-malware program designed by the team of hackers and cyber frauds. Their intention is to make users buy the so-called license of totally helpless application bearing such name. The site is nowadays actively promoting System Care Antivirus 3.7.32 rogue, and for this purpose we do consider it as malicious and dangerous for your wallet.

Developed by the team of online criminals (yet obviously by IT professionals), System Care Antivirus comes into computers when users don’t expect any malware to enter their system. The installation process is hidden from user’s attention. Once inside, the hoax begins running the fake scanning of your computer and later on reports all sorts of fake threats supposedly revealed during the bogus scan. In addition, the scan is accompanied by scary and misleading popups, ads, notifications and alerts about various malwares and infections identified during the scan. This is all done for the only purpose – to make you really worried about the condition of your computer. Then, of course, the rogue will do all it can to convince you to buy its “registered version” which, actually, isn’t different from the trial one. The hoax says it will remove all those fake infections at once after you buy it. In reality, such threats are invented and don’t even dwell on your system. Hence, purchasing this fake AV is a serious mistake some users have committed. Hopefully, your name will not be in their list.

The site expresses many words of adoration and praise to System Care Antivirus. Obviously, it wants to make you buy this scam, in spite of the fact that the program is totally incapable of removing real viruses and of rendering powerful anti-malware protection. By the way, System Care Antivirus was initially promoted by, which has been closed recently by the company that hosted that site. So, as per now, is continuing the evil job of prompting users into buying the rogue. We hope you will not be caught on this hook. Instead, follow the guide below that will help you eliminate this scam effectively.

System Care Antivirus detailed removal guide: