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BrowserProtector Ads

BrowserProtector Ads – how to remove them?

BrowserProtector Ads may appear in your browser. If so, this means your PC is in a trouble of being infected by this very annoying adware. Most likely this problem occurred after you installed some other free application into your computer. BrowserProtector attacks browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla […]

AdvanceElite adware

Remove AdvanceElite Ads

AdvanceElite Ads are powered by adware in your computer. They’re not the part of some decent commercial site you visit. You could visit Walmart, Amazon or Ebay and see these strange ads powered by AdvanceElite. This doesn’t mean that these ads are related to Walmart or Ebay. This is a […]

Popcornew Ads

Popcornew ads – how do I remove them?

Popcornew Ads could appear in your browser infected by this particular adware. All such ads brought by Popcornew must never be clicked by you. They cannot help you save more money from making purchases online. Furthermore, these ads may be even dangerous, since they could easily redirect you to a […]

Ads by CheckMeUp

Ads by CheckMeUp (uninstall guide)

CheckMeUp is the adware, and in this guide we will help you to uninstall it effectively from your computer. Why do you need to remove this adware in the first place? Why is it so dangerous and what are the ways of its distribution and implantation into particular PCs? We […]

SmartOnes Ads

Remove SmartOnes Ads

SmartOnes 4.0 is a new adware. The definition of this word implies a special program developed specifically to present a lot of annoying ads in your browser. The problem of Ads by SmartOnes most often occurs in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. You will see SmartOnes 4.0 adware […] pop-up
Adware, Malicious sites

Remove pop-ups

The site is yet another domain name closely related to spreading a lot of annoying programs. If you download and install anything from what “recommends”, you may end up bringing a lot of other absolutely useless applications into your system. In this guide we will help you to […]

Featured Deals

How to remove Featured Deals?

Some users ask us today – how do I get rid of Featured Deals from my browser when I open commercial websites? Indeed, this problem exists. These so-called “Featured Deals” are a part of many adware programs today. In case these adware programs are in your PC, you will start […]