Category: Adware

Lampy Lighty adware

Remove Lampy Lighty ads

Lampy Lighty is not the part of your browser, but rather a truly unwanted application you should immediately uninstall. This program is classified as adware due to many annoying and intrusive ads by Lampy Lighty displayed by it in your browser. In this tutorial we will help you to remove […]

Ads by Techgile

How to stop Ads by Techgile?

Techgile is an adware, which means that you will see a lot of its ads, deals and pop-ups by Techgile in case your PC is infected by this program. How is Techgile actually spread in the world wide web, how can it be implanted into your PC and how to […]

WordProser adware

How to stop WordProser Ads and Deals?

WordProser is a new annoying adware program engaged in massive promotion and distribution of its ads among various PCs. Note that Word Proser as adware is actively spread today along with many other free applications. If you want to avoid this program from being installed into your PC, then you […] pop-up
Adware, Malicious sites

Remove virus is a malicious website engaged in spreading malware, adware and other potentially unwanted applications among various computers today. This website appears in the form of intrusive pop-up windows, which immediately redirect you to various misleading offers to download and install something. Yet, sometimes such pop-ups may simply contain certain […]

SW_Booster (SW_Sustainer 1.80)

SW_Booster (SW_Sustainer 1.80) malware

SW_Booster and SW_Sustainer 1.80 are two malicious programs, which are the integral components of certain adware programs currently attacking many computers. Obviously, if you can’t remove them effectively, this means that these two components must be removed first of all. There are two various ways of dealing with adware and […]

Price-Horse adware

How to stop Price-Horse Ads

Price-Horse adware is more likely to be a trojan horse, which sometimes gets secretly installed into PCs. Its installer may be hidden deeply into the installer of some other free program you might decide to install. Indeed, you might find some nice cost-free application and want to install it. But […]