www.techprotectorltd.com – hazardous domain associated with Antivirus Security Pro

Be very careful when you encounter a site called www.techprotectorltd.com. Visiting this site isn’t really dangerous, yet if you remain on in you might have the impression as if some powerful antivirus is promoted by it. In reality, this particular domain is associated with a rogue security software called Antivirus Security Pro. We’ve already posted an article specifically about its removal from your computer. This particular post is to remind you about how dangerous this rogue is.


Antivirus Security Pro is a renewed version of an old fake AV family known as Rogue.WinWebSec. It is, by the way, the direct successor of another similar malware called Attentive Antivirus. The only aim of both of these program is not to assist users in protecting their PCs against cyber threats but rather to make them buy the totally useless and helpless license of this malware.

The site www.techprotectorltd.com has been registered by cyber frauds who developed Antivirus Security Pro hoax. Its mission is to create the impression in users’ mind as if this rogue product is the superb antimalware solution. In reality this program is the total waste of funds, being absolutely incapable of protecting your system when real vunlerabilities leak into PC.

Hopefully, you’ve not been tricked by this malware program which names itself Antivirus Security Pro. If you paid money for it by mistake you definitely need to dispute charges immediately made via your bank or other payment institution. Finally, to get rid of this nasty hoax, please adhere to the removal instructions set forth below.

Antivirus Security Pro removal instructions:


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