Month: September 2014

TestSpeeder adware

Ads by TestSpeeder (removal guidelines)

TestSpeeder is yet another adware program, which you obviously don’t need. However, the problem is that often users install this application without realizing this fact. Most often this occurs when you install free programs into your computer. Some of such cost-free applications may be bundled with all useless programs, and […]

WebsAaver adware

Remove WebsAaver Ads (adware)

WebsAaver stands for a new quite annoying adware program. These days it attacks the majority of browsers, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. As a result of the unwanted intrusion of this adware you will see a lot of Ads by WebsAaver to pop up in various […]

ChiliCoupon adware

Remove ChiliCoupon Ads (uninstall guide)

ChiliCoupon is not associated to any commercial websites you visit. This is a very annoying adware program, which means that it is responsible for displaying many ads by ChiliCoupon in your browser. Most often this problem occurs with Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. You will see that this […]

MyStartSearch browser hijacker
Browser hijackers

MyStartSearch virus removal tool

MyStartSearch is a brand new browser hijacker, the successor of iStartSurf and iStart123 infections. It is referred to as browser hijacker because of the amendments it initiates with the home page of your browser and your search engine preferences. When MyStartSearch attacks your computer you will see MyStartSearch to be […]

WebProtect adware

Remove WebProtect adware (Web Protect Ads)

WebProtect is a truly very annoying adware. It is known for displaying its WebProtect Ads in your browser. This problem in particular occurs with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, which are the the main targets of adware, browser hijackers and other potentially unwanted programs. This guide will help […]

PriceCongress adware

PriceCongress adware uninstall tool

PriceCongress is a special program classified as adware. This means you’re dealing with an application which isn’t really useful for you, and it must be deleted right away from your computer. Because of this adware program your whole PC and your browser in particular work extremely slow. This is all […]

AppSuper adware

How to remove AppSuper Ads

AppSuper is a new adware program. These days it attacks the majority of browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. It is installed as a special add-on (extension) of these browsers and is even installed as a special independent program in the list of legally installed applications. As […]

Ads by SafetySearch

Remove Ad by SafetySearch adware

SafetySearch is a program fairly classified as adware. It displays a lot of ads while you browse the web. Most of such ads will be titled as “Ad by SafetySearch“, or as “Ads by SafetySearch”. You will be able to see that some words of a visited website have been […]