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Malicious sites pop-up virus. Beware of it! is a malicious web site. It is malicious because it secretly installs plenty of malicious applications into computer. First, it actually tells you about the necessity to install some sort of Free FLV Player supposedly necessary for better video playback. But the truth is that this pop-up has totally […]

Malicious sites

How to remove pop-up virus? is a malicious domain actively involved today in distribution of many malicious programs. When users see this pop-up from site they are suggested to perform some Video Player installation. The pop-up actually says this – “Please install Video Player to Continue“. Users might that these are some legitimate […]

Malicious sites

Removing pop-ups

Recently there have been plenty of complaints from users about multiple pop-ups from website. This is definitely a problem, since such pop-ups are extremely multiple and thus very annoying. But the really bad thing about them is that such pop-ups may easily lead users to different dangerous places in […] pop-up
Malicious sites

How to remove pop-ups

In certain cases users when surfing the web see the bunch of sudden pop-up windows where the domain is obviously involved. It appears that these sudden pop-ups are caused by browser suddenly redirecting you through page. However, soon this particular address will be substituted by some other domain […]