Month: October 2015

Discovery App adware

Discovery App Ads. Best removal tool

Discovery App adware belongs to the BrowseFox family. Some anti-spyware programs also detect it as Yontoo adware. No matter how exactly it is classified, Ads by Discovery App it produces will be very multiple and thus will distract the attention of many active Internet surfers.

Malicious sites

How to remove pop-up virus? is a malicious domain actively involved today in distribution of many malicious programs. When users see this pop-up from site they are suggested to perform some Video Player installation. The pop-up actually says this – “Please install Video Player to Continue“. Users might that these are some legitimate […]

Browser hijackers hijacker removal tool browser hijacker is a nasty piece of infection currently infecting many computers connected to the Internet. It causes a lot unwanted redirections of browser to random pages through displaying intrusive pop-up windows located on the home page of the hijacked browser. Also, the search results obtained through this hijacker […]