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CinemaxMe-version2.0 adware

CinemaxMe-version2.0 adware removal

CinemaxMe-version2.0 is a new adware, which nowadays attacks the majority of browsers. Its installation into your PC takes place mainly together with other free applications. If you’re a person who is active in downloading and installing various free programs, then please make sure you always pay close attention to what […]

Ads by Score Escape

Score Escape ads. Effective removal

Score Escape adware is known to display a lot of Score Escape Ads in your browser. No matter what particular browser you prefer and use – Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer – all of them may easily become contaminated by this unwanted application. Note that most likely the […]

UniSales ads

How to remove UniSales Ads?

The multitude of UniSales Ads displayed as “Ad by UniSales” in your browser mean that there’s some serious problem with your PC. This means that your computer has become infected by a new serious adware,which is actually pretty similar to BuyNSave (of which we also spoke recently in one of […]

iWebar adware

Remove iWebar ads (adware)

This guide is devoted to removal of ads by iWebar from your browser. What is iWebar in the first place, why does it display such intrusive advertisement in your browser and how to get rid of it for good? The answers to these questions will be given in this tutorial.

Ads by PriceFountain

PriceFountain ads – how to remove?

PriceFountain is a program through which the “fountain” of many annoying ads, deals and pop-ups flows. This program is fairly classified as adware. Truly, it doesn’t do any single good thing for your system. Neither will it help you to save more money while you shop online. This guide is […]

CinPlus-1.0cV20.12 adware

Remove CinPlus-1.0cV20.12 ads

CinPlus-1.0cV20.12 ads may appear in your browser from time to time. Most often this takes place when users go to all kinds of commercial sites, i.e. whenever they want to buy something online. These ads are powered by the adware, which bears exactly the same name. In this guide we […]