Category: Adware

SavePass adware

Remove SavePass adware

Save Pass (also known as ShowPass 1.1) is a new adware application. There are several ways of how this adware can be displayed in your computer. For example, if you look into the list of installed software of your PC you may see ShowPass 1.1 installed. Alternatively, you may see […]

Reverse Page ads

Reverse Page Ads – how to remove?

Reverse Page is a new adware currently attacking the majority of PCs today. This program causes a lot of ads by Reverse Page to pop up in your browser while you visit various commercial websites. Most often, however, this problem occurs with browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet […]

Dolphin Deals

Ads by Dolphin Deals (removal guide)

Dolphin Deals application doesn’t represent any value for you as far as saving money from online shopping is concerned. We believe that this program will rather harm your PC, instead of making your life easier. It is classified as adware, which means that its main and only purpose is to […]

Facebook App ads

Remove Facebook App ads

In this guide we will help you to remove ads by Facebook App from your browser. What are these Facebook App ads and why do they appear in your computer? Does this have anything to do with Facebook or not? We will give you the answers to all these important […]

Ad by Yealt

Ads by Yealt – how to remove them?

Yealt is the adware, and this means that it will display a lot of intrusive ads by Yealt in your browser. This may happen in all major browsers, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. You may trace that the adware added a special add-on (extension) into your browser. […]

CinemaP-1.4c ads

Remove ads powered by CinemaP-1.4c

In this guide we will help you to remove ads powered by CinemaP-1.4c adware from your browser. This particular adware is actively spread today along with many other cost-free applications today. Note that in all the cases this adware is installed into PCs along with other free applications.

Ads powered by Ge-Forces

Remove ads powered by Ge-Forces

Ge-Forces ads are bothering many users as per today. This is the adware brought into computers along with many other cost-free programs. Users who have this adware will surely regret that it came into their computers somehow. This guide will help you to remove Ge-Force (also known as Ge-Forces) adware […]

System Maintenance Service 1.18

Remove System Maintenance Service 1.18

System Maintenance Service 1.18 stands for a potentially unwanted program. We’ve seen it to become a part of the PC when certain adware and browser hijackers attacked our computer. In case you’re an active Internet user you need to be aware of the fact that you’re permanently under the risk […]