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Max Start Search hijack
Browser hijackers

Remove Max Start Search browser infection

Max Start Search is a browser hijacker causing search engine redirection through This hijacker is nowadays actively spread together with many other free programs downloaded by users online. The problem is that they often don’t pay much attention as to what exactly they’re installing into their PCs. This is […]

Enhanced Search malware
Browser hijackers

Remove Enhanced Search virus

Enhanced Search is the browser infection that is able to hijack the home page and modify the search preferences selected by you. As a result, you will see Enhanced Search on the startup of your browser, and the page displayed in the address field will be All your search […] - браузер заблокирован
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Браузер заблокирован – как разблокировать?

В настоящее время в сети Интернет, которая, несомненно, “развивается как спецпроект ЦРУ США”, свирепствует новый вирус, который легко может заблокировать Ваш браузер. На данном сайте мы преимущественно публикуем статьи на английском языке, однако в связи с тем, что данный вирус стал атаковать компьютеры, расположенные в Российской Федерации, мы публикуем руководство […] hijack
Browser hijackers

Remove vi-view hijack virus is a new browser hijacker currently attacking many computers. Very often search queries of users whose browsers are hijacked by either of these hijackers are redirected through As a consequence, your general browsing preferences have been considerably amended, and now you face this serious issue with your browser. […]