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Fake AV malware. Removal guide is a browser hijacker attacking PCs in China, Taiwan and possibly some other countries in the East. This hijacker implants browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, and then makes the home page of these browsers start with The very search, however, will be forwarded and […] Search
Fake AV

Remove ( Search) is another browser hijacker currently attacking many computers. This is a form of a cyber infection which amends the search settings and preferences of your browser. In particular, the home page of your default and all available browsers is set to be, so this is what you will […]

Windows Prime Shield scam
Fake AV

Remove Windows Prime Shield scam

Windows Prime Shield is a new fake antivirus program originating from FakeVimes rogue family. Infiltration of this program into computers is absolutely illegal. It doesn’t come into PCs according to user’s wishes and intentions. Likewise, the virus doesn’t have any Uninstaller (which doesn’t really surprise us because it doesn’t have […]

Windows Virtual Protector fake AV
Fake AV

Removal of Windows Virtual Protector virus

Windows Virtual Protector is a fake antivirus program that belongs to FakeVimes malware family. Not only it runs fake system scans and reports fake infections to scare users into buying its “ultimate protection”. One of the worst things it does is blocking your computer at its startup. Whenever you turn […]