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Fake AV pop-ups – how to remove

The pop-ups from site are related to the presence of certain adware program running on your computer, such as BetterSurf, Webexp Enhanced, LyricsSay, etc. They’re dangerous because of presenting a lot of false information which leads users to unsafe websites which implant other malwares and adwares into your system. […]

Fake AV

Iisecurity.exe virus

Iisecurity.exe is another process which is closely related to a virus called Internet Security. This is a fake antispyware program which nowadays attacks many PCs. It has in mind to make users buy the fake license of this rogue. Many users today would like to get rid of this scam, […]

Fake AV

Upeksvr.exe virus (Antivirus Security Pro)

Upeksvr.exe is a file which may be associated with Antivirus Security Pro fake antispyware (Rogue). There are very many malicious links online today which may lead to the installer of this malware. In other words, the links that end with “upeksvr.exe” can easily bring users to a special executable file, […]