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Fake AV

Awsecurity.exe virus (removal instructions)

Awsecurity.exe is a new process for Internet Security 2013 virus, which is a fake antispyware program attacking many PCs these days. This rogue has a long history, known to infect thousands if not millions of PCs in various countries. Surely, it comes to computers without user’s consent or approval. This […]

Fake AV

Avsecurity.exe virus (removal tools)

Avsecurity.exe is a malicious process related to Internet Security 2013 rogue antispyware program. You cannot end or stop it through the Task Manager. Internet Security virus will report Task Manager legitimate Windows utility as infected with W32/Blaster.worm threat. The same problem happens when you try to launch all other decent […]

Fake AV

Mrprotection.exe virus

Mrprotection.exe is a virus process related to Internet Security fake antispyware. There are many other processes related to this malware, whereas this particular is the latest one. In this guide you may find out the information on how to terminate (stop) this process. This is necessary because otherwise you will […]