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GuardBox Search
Browser hijackers

Remove (GuardBox virus)

Guardbox Search virus is a cyber infection currently attacking many browsers today. Most often the problem of search engine redirection through occurs with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. In case your browser has been hijacked by GuardBox, you will see the page to be displayed in […]

WindowsMangerProtect20.0.0.1013 virus
Browser hijackers

WindowsMangerProtect20.0.0.1013 virus removal

WindowsMangerProtect20.0.0.1013 is a malicious program related to several annoying browser hijackers. For example, it is a part of WebsSearches, Omiga-Plus, MyStartSearch, and many other hijackers previously described by us. This particular malware called windowsMangerProtect20.0.0.1013 prevents users from removing it. If you would like to set your browsers free of these […]

Browser hijackers

Veba Search removal instructions

Veba Search is a browser hijacker, and if it has attacked your computer you will see VebaSearch in the list of installed applications of your system. Plus, you will see a special browser add-on (extension) in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, called VebaSearch 1.4.2. The name for this […]