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Triple Search browser hijacker
Browser hijackers malware removal tool

Triple Search virus is predestined to attack major browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. This is a malware classified as browser hijacker, which looks similar to other infections of such type. After the attack is successful the website becomes the home page of your default […]

BKA Virus
Browser hijackers

Remove fake alert is a fake alert which is not associated at all with BKA (Bundeskriminalamt) Police law-enforcement agency of Germany, Austria and other German-speaking countries. If you see this scary warning in your browser from site remember that this is a fake BKA warning. These instructions will help you get […] malware
Browser hijackers malware. How to remove is a computer infection categorized as a browser hijacker. It comes to PCs through various methods, including malicious links on social networks, spam emails with dangerous links and suspicious attachments, etc. However, one of the most widely spread methods for hijacking browsers with malware is through bundling its […]
Browser hijackers

Remove from browser is a new browser hijacker which looks very similar to many other computer infections attacking major browsers these days. If you install Airzip software the chances are that you will also be offered to install other related utilities, which are fairly considered as potentially unwanted programs. These tips will […]